The Technology

NVP Energy have solved the industrial challenge of sustainably treating wastewater with our revolutionary solution that cuts your operating costs and acts as a renewable energy source by generating exceptionally high quality biogas.

Removes Pollutants

Reduces chemical oxygen demand by more than 80% and total suspended solids by up to 50%.

Low Temperatures

Can even treat wastewater at psychrophilic temperatures (lower than 20°C).

Generates Energy

High quality biogas (>85% methane content) 100% available as an on-site energy source.

Negligible Sludge

Produces 90% less sludge than other aerobic/activated sludge treatment installations.

What is NVP Energy’s Technology and how does it work?

NVP Energy’s solution is a wastewater treatment technology that removes organic pollution (chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand) while producing renewable energy in the form of biogas. The technology is a sustainable and cost effective wastewater treatment approach for a wide range of industries such as – food and drink (meat processing, dairy, brewing, distilling, malting and bottling) and municipal water industries. The process can reduce energy costs by as much as 90% and reduce sludge production by 90% when compared to activated sludge treatment installations.

The technology exploits the natural action of anaerobic bacteria which convert the organic pollutants present in wastewater to biogas. The design of the solution utilises specialised anaerobic granular biofilms which convert the organic pollutants in wastewater to methane rich biogas. The multi chamber unit typically achieves greater than 80% reduction in organic wastewater contaminants. The unique design features of the technology allow the process to proceed with no external heat input, therefore all of the energy produced can be recovered and used for on-site electricity and/or heat generation.


Technology Applications

NVP Energy’s solution is suitable for most types of wastewater from food and drink industries and municipal operations. The system can easily integrate with existing infrastructure, to increase wastewater treatment capacity, or be developed as part of a new wastewater treatment plant.

'Voice of the Customer' - NVP Energy at ABP Food Group, Lurgan, UK

If you are looking to embrace a sustainable wastewater treatment technology that significantly reduces your wastewater treatment costs while generating a clean renewable energy then NVP Energy’s technology is the solution for you.

Our Solution

Treat your wastewater the sustainable way using NVP Energy’s first to market energy positive wastewater treatment technology which can turn your wastewater into a revenue generator and save your business money.

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