Short Return on Investment

NVP Energy’s wastewater treatment technology pays for itself in 3 years.

Short Return on Investment

  • NVP Energy’s innovative technology has a competitive return on investment (ROI) of, on average, 3 years. The short ROI can be attributed to the significant trade effluent charge savings, sludge management savings, energy savings and low maintenance requirements.
  • The technology qualifies for renewable energy incentives as it produces high grade biogas during the treatment process which is 100% available to you. These incentives will form an ongoing substantial revenue stream after the short payback period.
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Cuts Costs & Makes Savings

  • NVP Energy’s technology slashes trade effluent charges payable to water utilities by up to 60%. The novel design removes up to 80% chemical oxygen demand (COD) and up to 50% total suspended solids (TSS) prior to discharge from site thus significantly reducing the associated utility bills.
  • The technology dramatically decreases fossil fuel usage as no heat or aeration is required for the technology to work unlike traditional aerobic and anaerobic technologies.
  • The methane-rich biogas is a by-product of the process that can be used on site to generate electricity and/or heat supplementing existing demand and reducing your energy bills.
  • The technology is designed as an automated, modular, small-footprint system that requires minimal maintenance and operational supervision.

Negligible sludge production

  • NVP Energy’s technology produces up to 95% less sludge compared to aerobic or activated sludge installations.
  • 95% less sludge means 95% less sludge management and maintenance costs.
  • This allows you to improve your operational performance e.g. increasing your wastewater treatment capacity while minimising any sludge increase.
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Clean technology

  • NVP Energy’s technology is a green, clean technology due to its production of exceptionally high-quality biogas which consistently achieves a methane concentration above 85% and that is 100% available on-site for electricity and/or heat generation.
  • The technology generates more energy than it consumes. It requires no heating (as it can work at very low temperatures) and the biogas generated can be used for both heat and electricity generation, making it the first energy positive solution on the market for low strength wastewater.
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reveunue generation


NVP Energy’s technology treats wastewater and produces energy in one efficient package. The production of onsite renewable energy will slash your energy consumption and consequently your energy bills and entitle you to claim financial renewable energy incentives.

Return on Investment


NVP Energy’s technology will slash your wastewater charges by up to 60%, has negligible sludge management costs and qualifies for renewable energy incentives. The combined effect results in an average return on investment of 3 years.

carbon neutral


NVP Energy’s sustainable technology recovers carbon from wastewater and transforms it into renewable energy. The energy generated from the biogas is much greater than the energy required to operate the system.

NVP Energy Evaluation Tool


Check the suitability of your wastewater stream to NVP Energy’s technology with our simple evaluation tool.