Low Strength Wastewater Treatment

NVP Energy’s technology treats low strength wastewater and produces energy in one efficient package.

Reduce wastewater treatment costs

NVP Energy’s technology converts the pollutants in wastewater into a methane rich biogas, providing a robust wastewater treatment and energy producing technology in one compact package. As the energy produced by the technology is greater than the energy required to operate it, the renewable energy that is generated becomes a valuable resource that qualifies for renewable energy incentives. It is these incentives that form a substantial revenue stream for you.
NVP Energy Lt-AD Tank

High Quality Biogas

The biogas produced is of an extremely high quality, on average above 85% methane content, equivalent to natural gas quality. Due to the high quality of the biogas, little to no scrubbing of the biogas is required, facilitating the ease with which the biogas can become a revenue generator.
NVP Energy Testing Digestion

On-site heat & electricity

The high energy biogas produced can be utilised on-site by connecting to a boiler system or a combined heat and power (CHP) unit to generate electricity and/or heat. Using the biogas as an energy source will reduce your operational expenditure for electricity and/or heat whilst reducing your company’s carbon footprint and improving its corporate social responsibility image.
NVP Energy Electric Outlets

Renewable Energy Incentives

In order to facilitate the uptake of green technologies, most governments incentivise the use of renewable energy sources that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted to the atmosphere. Incentives may be in the form of; renewable heat incentives, feed in tariffs, capital grants etc. NVP Energy’s technology can turn your wastewater from being an operational cost into a revenue generating commodity by availing of these incentives.
NVP Energy Control Dials
reveunue generation


NVP Energy’s technology treats wastewater and produces energy in one efficient package. The production of onsite renewable energy will slash your energy consumption and consequently your energy bills and entitle you to claim financial renewable energy incentives.

Return on Investment


NVP Energy’s technology will slash your wastewater charges by up to 60%, has negligible sludge management costs and qualifies for renewable energy incentives. The combined effect results in an average return on investment of 3 years.

carbon neutral


NVP Energy’s sustainable technology recovers carbon from wastewater and transforms it into renewable energy. The energy generated from the biogas is much greater than the energy required to operate the system.

NVP Energy Evaluation Tool


Check the suitability of your wastewater stream to NVP Energy’s technology with our simple evaluation tool.