NVP Energy featured in RTÉ's 10 Things to Know About

Published: Thursday, December 6th, 2018

NVP Energy was featured in an episode of 10 Things to Know About, aired on Monday December 10th at 8:30pm GMT, on RTÉ One in Ireland.

Watch the segment here.

As renewable energies continue to challenge our reliance on fossil fuels, could Bioenergy help provide a sustainable future for generations to come? Jonathan meets SEAI’s Matthew Clancy to find out what bioenergy is and discuss some of the key opportunities and challenges for developing the bioeconomy in Ireland.

In Ballinasloe, Aoibhinn meets NVP’s Michael Murray to see how their world-first wastewater-to-energy technology takes the phrase “waste not, want not” to a whole new level by producing more energy than is required to carry out the process.

Meanwhile in Thurles, Kathriona visits a thermochemical pilot plant that converts mixed waste into bioenergy – could Doc Brown and his food-waste-powered DeLorean be the future??

Finally, Jonathan meets up with EPA researcher Mike Jones who is looking ahead at the long game for the bioenergy sector, focusing on land management, energy crops, carbon emissions and carbon capture.

And in Weird Science, Fergus reveals a motor car powered by an oxymoron – “waste” chocolate…??

10 Things to Know About Season 3 Episode 5 “Bioenergy” from New Decade TV & Film Ltd on Vimeo.