NVP Energy’s solution is an adaptable modular wastewater treatment solution that can scale to grow with your business.

Scalable Design

NVP Energy’s technology is the wastewater treatment solution that can grow with your business. The compact, off-site fabricated, modular design of the technology means it can be adapted to almost any site, making it suitable for both retrofit and new plant installations. It can be easily installed with existing wastewater treatment infrastructure without the need for excessive infrastructure costs – it only requires a concrete plinth as a base. The modular design ensures the system is scalable allowing your wastewater treatment plant to treat higher volumes through additional modules.

NVP Energy Tank

Small Footprint

Each module is 4.5m in diameter and 12m high, capable of treating up to 500m3 of wastewater per day and is ideal for sites with space constraints. The module is the perfect expansion solution due to its small footprint when compared to aerobic solutions which require substantial space.

NVP Energy Lt-AD Tank

Easy Installation

The unit’s compact modular design allows the technology to be manufactured off-site. As a direct result, a single module can be installed on site in one day. This makes installing multiple units simultaneously an easy and efficient process that will minimise any disruption to your business.

NVP Energy Tank Hoist

Retrofit/Capacity Increase/New Build

  • The compact modular design makes NVP Energy’s technology a flexible option when developing a solution for a brand new wastewater treatment plant.
  • Should you need to upgrade your current wastewater treatment plant, then retrofitting NVP Energy’s technology can extend the life-cycle and increase the effectiveness of your wastewater treatment plant to produce a higher quality effluent.
  • NVP Energy’s solution can provide additional treatment capacity to existing infrastructure, making it ideal for a treatment process that is at capacity or anticipating an increase in wastewater volumes. This allows you to increase your production capacity without requiring a whole new wastewater treatment plant.
NVP Energy Blue Valve
reveunue generation


NVP Energy’s technology treats wastewater and produces energy in one efficient package. The production of onsite renewable energy will slash your energy consumption and consequently your energy bills and entitle you to claim financial renewable energy incentives.

Return on Investment


NVP Energy’s technology will slash your wastewater charges by up to 60%, has negligible sludge management costs and qualifies for renewable energy incentives. The combined effect results in an average return on investment of 3 years.

carbon neutral


NVP Energy’s sustainable technology recovers carbon from wastewater and transforms it into renewable energy. The energy generated from the biogas is much greater than the energy required to operate the system.

NVP Energy Evaluation Tool


Check the suitability of your wastewater stream to NVP Energy’s technology with our simple evaluation tool.