Careers at NVP Energy

NVP Energy is seeking dynamic individuals to work within our team

NVP Energy created AMBI-ROBIC® the innovative low temperature (˂20°C) anaerobic digestion (AD) WW treatment technology for low strength effluent – a world first! We provide a Low Cost, Low Carbon solution for wastewater producers – Municipalities and also Industries such as Dairy, Meat Processing, Brewing, Bottling, Malting and Distilling. We are an innovative company always searching for those who want to push forward in scientific, business development and naturally in our core wastewater treatment sector. We are committed to supporting your career goals by providing professional development and training, while at the same time encouraging a healthy work-life balance. This is a unique opportunity to experience the transition of a company from start-up phase to becoming a market leader within its industrial space on a global scale. Now is the perfect time to join NVP Energy as we establish a team that will deliver excellence and grow to tackle complex engineering challenges. As you accompany us on this journey you will get the chance to work on a multitude of diverse projects and work with respected industry thought leaders. Get in touch if you want to join The Revolution in Wastewater!