Carbon Neutral & Energy Positive

NVP Energy’s technology is the sustainable wastewater treatment solution for industrial and municipal wastewater.

Carbon Neutral

NVP Energy’s technology closes the carbon loop by recovering the carbon present in wastewater and transforming it into methane, a valuable renewable energy source. This is unlike competing aerobic technologies which contribute greatly to carbon emissions due to their high energy and fossil fuel usage and sludge production. NVP Energy, on the other hand, offer the only viable carbon neutral solution for the treatment of low strength wastewaters.

NVP Energy Inject

Energy Positive

The energy generated from the biogas is greater than the energy required to operate the system thanks to the internally passive process, making NVP Energy’s technology an energy positive technology. This is unheard of in the wastewater treatment industry as typically wastewater treatment systems such as the aerobic processes require the input of large amounts of energy for aeration and mixing. Similarly, conventional anaerobic systems demand a lot of energy due to their large heating and mixing requirement. Conventional high temperature anaerobic systems are not suitable for low strength wastewater treatment as the biogas produced would not satisfy the heating requirement. In contrast, NVP Energy’s solution requires no aeration or heating and as a result has extremely low operating costs. Adopting an energy positive wastewater treatment solution on your site will help you reduce your energy consumption and consequently improve your bottom line.

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NVP Energy are at the forefront of creating sustainable and energy efficient treatment technologies bringing wastewater treatment into the 21st century. Our technology acts as a sustainable energy-producing core technology for your wastewater treatment needs by generating biogas from your wastewater and reducing your reliance on carbon heavy fossil fuels.

NVP Energy Sustainable


NVP Energy’s technology is an environmentally friendly and sustainable wastewater treatment technology due to its carbon neutral and energy positive attributes. In addition, the physical footprint of the technology is small in comparison to that of an activated sludge process thus minimising land requirements when expanding your business. The wastewater treatment process itself is carried out to very high regulatory standards with removal of > 80% of chemical oxygen demand and > 50% of total suspended solids. Utilising a carbon neutral and energy positive technology on your site will help ensure that you are adopting an eco-friendly solution that will protect yours and your community’s environment.

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reveunue generation


NVP Energy’s technology treats wastewater and produces energy in one efficient package. The production of onsite renewable energy will slash your energy consumption and consequently your energy bills and entitle you to claim financial renewable energy incentives.

Return on Investment


NVP Energy’s technology will slash your wastewater charges by up to 60%, has negligible sludge management costs and qualifies for renewable energy incentives. The combined effect results in an average return on investment of 3 years.

carbon neutral


NVP Energy’s sustainable technology recovers carbon from wastewater and transforms it into renewable energy. The energy generated from the biogas is much greater than the energy required to operate the system.

NVP Energy Evaluation Tool


Check the suitability of your wastewater stream to NVP Energy’s technology with our simple evaluation tool.