The technology is commercially proven to treat wastewater produced by slaughter houses and meat processors to a very high standard resulting in significant operational savings.

NVP Energy’s unique technology is ideally suited for the treatment of meat processing wastewater and can achieve up to 80% removal of organic constituents. The technology treats wastewater at ambient temperatures and can even treat wastewater as low as 4°C meaning there is no heat input required.

Meat processing is a multistep process involving numerous activities such as slaughtering, blood processing, hide processing, cutting and meat preparation. Meat processors typically produce wastewater effluent with varying ranges in concentrations of organic pollutants due to these various steps. Meat processing streams are typically high in biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), fats, oils and greases (FOGs) and total suspended solids (TSS). Pre-treatment steps are capable of removing much of these FOGs and TSS and combined with NVP Energy’s technology can significantly reduce wastewater expenses.

NVP Energy’s package is tailored to meet each individual’s case taking all aspects of their wastewater streams into account. An example of this is our reference site at ABP Lurgan, this wastewater stream required pre-treatment steps such as flotation and flocculation to remove FOG’s and solids from the wastewater stream.

NVP Energy at ABP Food Group, Lurgan, UK

Our Solution

Treat your wastewater the sustainable way using NVP Energy’s first to market energy positive wastewater treatment technology which can turn your wastewater into a revenue generator and save your business money.

Our Technology

NVP Energy have solved the industrial challenge of sustainably treating wastewater with our revolutionary solution that cuts your operating costs and acts as a renewable energy source by generating exceptionally high quality biogas.