A Revolution in Wastewater Treatment

NVP Energy turns wastewater treatment from an operational expenditure into a revenue generator for your business by using our unique and innovative wastewater treatment technology.

reveunue generation


NVP Energy’s technology treats wastewater and produces energy in one efficient package. The production of onsite renewable energy will help you reduce your energy consumption and consequently your energy bills and entitle you to claim financial renewable energy incentives.

Return on Investment


NVP Energy’s technology will slash your wastewater charges by up to 60%, has negligible sludge management costs and qualifies for renewable energy incentives. The combined effect results in an average return on investment of 3 years.

carbon neutral


NVP Energy’s sustainable technology recovers carbon from wastewater and transforms it into renewable energy. The energy generated from the biogas is much greater than the energy required to operate the system.

NVP Energy Evaluation Tool


Check the suitability of your wastewater stream to NVP Energy’s technology with our simple evaluation tool.


Technology Applications

NVP Energy’s solution is suitable for most types of wastewater from food and drink industries and municipal operations. The system can easily integrate with existing infrastructure, to increase wastewater treatment capacity, or be developed as part of a new wastewater treatment plant.


If you are looking to embrace a sustainable wastewater treatment technology that significantly reduces your wastewater treatment costs while generating a clean renewable energy then NVP Energy’s technology is the solution for you.

Become a Trusted NVP Energy Partner

NVP Energy are expanding operations globally, offering a unique opportunity to professional and trusted wastewater treatment solution providers to deliver our revolutionary solution to the low strength wastewater market. Our focus, commitment and passion is to deliver the best possible experience and value to our customers in conjunction with our partners. If you would like to be a part of this, please visit our Partner Area.

"It is particularly pleasing to see Irish SMEs perform well with companies such as NVP Energy successful in drawing down both national and EU funds to support the commercialisation of their products."

Dr Eimear Cotter Head of Low Carbon Technologies, SEAI

"We’re proud that Shell Springboard supports businesses like NVP Energy who are truly at the leading-edge of the low-carbon economy."

Erik Bonino Chairman, Shell UK

"Implementing NVP Energy’s solution has provided ABP Food Group with cost effective wastewater treatment and high quality biogas. The team were extremely professional to work with through all stages of the project; from design, installation, commissioning through to successful ongoing operation."

John Durkan Sustainability Environmental Manager, ABP Food Group